[tlhIngan Hol] potlh De'

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Thu Aug 17 08:40:42 PDT 2017

Am 17.08.2017 um 17:26 schrieb mayqel qunenoS:
> kbop title:
>> tlhIngan toQDuj Duj De' potlh
>> klingon bird of prey general specifications
> Isn't here the {Duj} after the {toQDuj} redundant/weird/unnecessary ? 
> {toQDuj} by itself means "bird of prey vessel"; so why place a {Duj} 
> after it ?

That could be amistake, but you can also read it like this, treating the 
Duj De' as on phrase:

tlhIngan toQDuj [Duj De' potlh]
{Duj De' potlh} = "ships specifications"
   of the
{toQDuj} = "bird of prey class ship"

> S13 title:
>> tlhIngan qorDu' potlh
>> Klingon Family Values
> I can't understand how the english translation results from this klingon 
> sentence. 

It's because the Klingon tranlsation resulted from the English phrase ;-)

 > All I get is "something consequential/important of klingon family".

That's correct. Aren't "values" something important?

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh
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