[tlhIngan Hol] Opposite of HochHom?

Anthony Appleyard a.appleyard at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 15 00:55:41 PDT 2017

The word HochHom is well known'
HochHom may mean:-
- N:[most|greater_part]=
- N:all NS1:diminutive
i.e. "small all".
Is there any chance for what seems to me to be a logical opposite to it?:-
pagh'a' may mean:-
- N:nothing NS1:augmentative
- N:no_one= NS1:augmentative
- I:0 VS9:interrogative
- I:0 NS1:augmentative
I was tempted to suggest it to ask Marc Okrand about using pagh'a' as "big nothing", i.e. "next to nothing", "very little", "not enough to be of use".
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