[tlhIngan Hol] When did you buy the phone which you now use ?

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 07:28:13 PDT 2017

ok, thanks !

But there is something else, which I need to ask.

> *DaH ghogh HablI''e' Dalo'bogh: ghorgh Daje'?   *

Isn't the object of {Dalo'bogh} the {ghogh HablI''e'} ?

And if it isn't the object (case in which it isn't necessary for it to be
placed right before the {Dalo'bogh}),

instead of {*DaH ghogh HablI''e' Dalo'bogh: ghorgh Daje'?} *could we write
{ghogh HablI''e' DaH Dalo'bogh: ghorgh Daje' ?} ?


On 11 Aug 2017 5:09 pm, "nIqolay Q" <niqolay0 at gmail.com> wrote:

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 9:49 AM, mayqel qunenoS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:

> All of these are indeed wonderful suggestions, but let me ask you
> something.
> Is the original sentence {ghorgh DaH ghogh HablI' Dalo'bogh Daje' ?} grammatically
> correct ?
> Can we have side by side {ghorgh} and {DaH} ? This has been the source of
> my confusion in the first place.

Why not? You're allowed to use adverbials in relative clauses, and {ghorgh}
goes at the beginning of the main sentence. It may or may not be awkward
but I see no reason it would be ungrammatical.

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