[tlhIngan Hol] FW: Reversing the order of {-vo'}

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Aug 10 08:28:08 PDT 2017

De'vID is right.  There are several known examples of {X-vo' Y-Daq  [MOTION VERB]}:

naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a' 
Can we get to the Great Hall from here? PK

juHqo' Qo'noSvo' loghDaq lengtaHvIS tlhInganpu' 
During the (aggressive) expansion of the Klingon people from their homeworld of Kronos into space... SP1

'Iw bIQtIqvo' toS SuvwI' yoH puH QaDDaq paw 
The fearless warrior climbs out of the blood onto dry land. PB

betleHvo' qotar mInDu' mIghDaq boch 'otlh 
Light reflects off the bat'leth into Fek'lhr's evil eyes. PB [sic! For{ veqlargh mInDu'}]

tIngvo' 'evDaq chanDaq jIlengpu' 
I've traveled all over the place (Idiom) (st.k 11/21/1999)

 (st.k 11/21/1999) : A more archaic form of the idiom is {tIngvo' 'evDaq 'evvo' chanDaq} (literally, "from area-southwestward to area-northwestward, from area-northwestward to area eastward"), but the three-word version (without the repetition of {'ev}) has all but totally replaced it.

I know of no examples with the reverse {Y-Daq X-vo'  [MOTION VERB]} -- though I haven't checked the paq'batlh.


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From: De'vID

That's not what I intended to suggest. I'm trying to get mayqel qunenoS to see why the pattern is {X-vo' Y-Daq chegh} and not {Y-Daq X-vo' chegh}.


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