[tlhIngan Hol] We got words for a Spiral, now what to do with them...

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Wed Aug 9 05:33:15 PDT 2017

> I'd probably do this as *Nibia** maSmey HayDaq** to the area *
*> beyond Nibia's moons.*

At the notes given at the last qep'a', the {Hay} was explained as "normally
used with a point of reference "beyond X"".

So, why did you write {nibia maSmey HayDaq} instead of {Hay nibia
maSmeyDaq} ?


On 9 Aug 2017 2:27 pm, "SuStel" <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:

> On 8/9/2017 5:57 AM, Jeremy Silver wrote:
> {mubechmoH ghaH'e'. mubechmoH 'ej vIghaj.
> ghaH vIjeghpa' **Nibia** maSmey retlhDaq, **Antares** vertaHbogh vIHtaHghach'a'
> retlhDaq, ghe''or qulmey retlhDaq je vItlha'!}
> *mubechmoH ghaH'e'.*
> Khan's line is *He tasks me.* I've always assumed this refers to Kirk
> exiling Khan to Ceti Alpha V. *muvummoH.* I see no reason for the
> *ghaH'e'* here; it doesn't reflect the English original.
> *mubechmoH 'ej vIghaj.*
> There is no indication in this what you mean by *vIghaj.* It just means *I
> had/have/will have him/her/it.* I also don't know if the English
> idiomatic meaning of *get in my power* comes through, or the *therefore*
> sense of English *and.* I'd recast this whole thing as *muvummoH; vaj
> vIghatlh.*
> You put the *ghaH vIjeghpa'* at the beginning of the long sentence, but
> Khan put it at the end in his English. You should do the same to reflect
> his emphasis. Subordinate clauses can go on either side of the sentence.
> I don't think *jegh* means the *let go* sense of English *surrender;* it
> means *stop trying.* You could just say *jIjeghpa'* *before I give up,*
> or you could be more literal and say *nargh 'e' vIchaw'pa'** before I let
> him escape.*
> *Nibia** maSmey retlhDaq*
> Hey, I asked for *around* from Okrand and everybody said "But what does
> that mean?" This is what it means. *wejpuH.*
> I'd probably do this as *Nibia** maSmey HayDaq** to the area beyond
> Nibia's moons.*
> *Antares** vertaHbogh vIHtaHghach'a'*
> I'm not fond of this; it looks like a very forced *-ghach*. How about
> just saying *Antares** mI'rab'a'?*
> The end result:
> *muvummoH. muvummoH; vaj vIghatlh. Nibia maSmey HayDaq, Antares mI'rab'a'
> HayDaq, ghe''or qul HayDaq je vItlha' jIjeghpa'.*
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