[tlhIngan Hol] 'Iv with type 5 noun suffixes

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I think that as far as the {'Iv} is concerned, it is ok for it to bear type
5 suffixes.

As far as the {nuq} is concerned, although I don't think there would be any
ambiguity if someone for instance wrote {nuqmo'}, neverthless I wouldn't go
on adding type 5 suffixes, for no other reason than that it just looks too

Although, admittedly, the temptation of writing {nuqmo'}, {nuqvaD} and/or
{nuqvo'}, is just too great.

Perhaps, I won't be able to resist.. Sov 'Iv ? 'agh poH neH.. poH neH..



On 7 Aug 2017 5:44 pm, "Steven Boozer" <sboozer at uchicago.edu> wrote:

I know of no examples of {'Iv} taking any suffix, except for:

  DevwI' ghaH 'Iv'e'?
  (STID (deleted line])

This line was deleted from the final movie, however, so may not count as
official (i.e. published) canon.

I checked the paq'batlh and surprisingly could only find a single example
of {'Iv} (for those collecting them):

  batlh SaqIH
      qanra' puqloDpu'
      'ej 'Iv ghaH nuvvam'e'

AFAIK the only other example of a question word with any suffix is:

  Sojvetlh 'oH nuq'e'
  What is that food?  (PK)

Note that this is also with {-'e'} and may just be another example of
marking the subject of a "to be" sentence rather than permitting the wider
use of noun suffixes on question words.  OTOH...

(TKD 6.4 p.69):  The word for "where?", {nuqDaq}, is actually {nuq} "what?"
followed by the suffix {-Daq} "locative" ...


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Can the {'Iv} bear type 5 noun suffixes ? Would the following be correct ?

'Ivmo' bISaQ ?
Because of who/whom did you cry ?

'IvvaD Soj Davutta' ?
For who/whom did you prepare the food ?

'Ivvo' bIqet ?
Away from who/whom do you run ?

'IvDaq vIghro' Danob ?
At who/whom will you give the cat ?

qama' tlhabmoH 'Iv'e' ?
Who (emphatic) released the prisoner ?

(I don't know the difference between who/whom, so I wrote both as possible

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