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> connotes negative quality
> (connotes disparagement, seldom used)

What is the difference between "connotes negative quality" and "connotes
disparagement" ? I googled disparagement, (because I didn't know its
meaning), and I got the synonyms of "devaluation, debasement, derogation".

The way I understand the "connotes negative quality" and "connotes
disparagement", with regards to the matter we are discussing is:

If I want to say that the qagh is as dead as a stone (which is a negative
quality) then I use {A Q *puS* B Q *puS}. *But if I want to say that the
forehead of someone's mother is smooth as a peach, and I want the phrase to
have the maximum insulting effect, then I will use {A Q *puS* B Q *rap}. *And
maybe, in the qagh example, if I want to insult the chef who ccoked it, I
will use again {A Q *puS* B Q *rap} *instead of the {A Q *puS* B Q *puS*}
*. *Or is it that the "disparagement" concerns only the occupant of slot A,
and not those in direct relation to him as well ?

Am I right ?

> If the positive antonym is used in place of *law'* and the negative in
place of *puS,* you get the same
> meaning as the standard *law'/puS.* If the order is reversed, you get *A
is less Q than B.* The reversed
> version is seldom used. Okrand does not give any examples of doing this
with *Hoch* in the B slot, but
> he says it can be done.

You mean that what 'oqranD says that can be done, is in an antonym
construction placing the {Hoch} in the A slot, thus having that "all are
less than.." ?

..and finally

As far as the intentional ungrammaticality of the law' puS construction, as
it is described in kgt is concerned.. Is someone allowed to make use of it
regularly, or is it only to be used under special circumstances ?


On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 5:18 PM, Lawrence M. Schoen <klingonguy at gmail.com>

> This is a great summary. It belongs on one of the new (and forthcoming)
> KLI Trading Cards.
> On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 9:54 AM SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:
>> Here are the variants of *law'/puS* and other comparatives we've gotten
>> over the years.
>> A Q *law'* B Q
>> *puS **A is more Q than B*
>> A Q *law' Hoch* Q
>> *puS **A is the most Q of all*
>> Q A;* rap* B
>> *B is as Q as A*
>> Q A; *nIb* B
>> *B is as Q as A* (connotes precision)
>> A Q *law'* B Q
>> *rap **A is as Q as B*
>> A Q *puS* B Q
>> *rap **A is as Q as B *(connotes disparagement, seldom used)
>> A Q *law'* B Q
>> *nIb **A is as Q as B* (connotes precision)
>> A Q *law'* B Q
>> *law' **A is as Q as B *(connotes positive quality)
>> A Q *puS* B Q
>> *puS **A is as Q as B* (connotes negative quality)
>> A Q *law'* B Q
>> *pIm **A's Q is different than B's Q *(does not imply that one is more Q
>> than the other, only that their Qs are different)
>> A Q *law'be'* B Q *puSbe'*
>> *A is not more Q than B*
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