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Here are the variants of *law'/puS* and other comparatives we've gotten 
over the years.

A Q *law'* B Q *puS
*/A is more Q than B/

A Q *law' Hoch* Q *puS
*/A is the most Q of all/

Q A;*rap* B
/B is as Q as A/

Q A; *nIb* B
/B is as Q as A/ (connotes precision)

A Q *law'* B Q *rap
*/A is as Q as B/

A Q *puS* B Q *rap
*/A is as Q as B /(connotes disparagement, seldom used)

A Q *law'* B Q *nIb
*/A is as Q as B/ (connotes precision)

A Q *law'* B Q *law'
*/A is as Q as B /(connotes positive quality)

A Q *puS* B Q *puS
*/A is as Q as B/ (connotes negative quality)

A Q *law'* B Q *pIm
*/A's Q is different than B's Q**/(does not imply that one is more Q 
than the other, only that their Qs are different)

A Q *law'be'* B Q *puSbe'*
/A is not more Q than B/

Furthermore, wordplay, ungrammatical but common, allows one to 
substitute antonyms into the standard comparative and superlative 
constructions where *law'* and *puS* normally go. If the positive 
antonym is used in place of *law'* and the negative in place of *puS,* 
you get the same meaning as the standard *law'/puS.* If the order is 
reversed, you get /A is less Q than B./ The reversed version is seldom 
used. Okrand does not give any examples of doing this with *Hoch* in the 
B slot, but he says it can be done.


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