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Thu Aug 3 07:57:31 PDT 2017

On 8/3/2017 10:32 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> In tkd {HeghmoH} is given as "be fatal".
> Does this mean that whenever someone uses it, he *has* to use it in 
> order to say that "something is fatal" ? And thus only use it as a be 
> verb ?
> Can't someone use it in order to say "something/someone caused 
> something/someone to die" ? And so use it in a transitive way ?

I don't think *HeghmoH* is a "be" verb.

I think *HeghmoH* is a sort of passive version of *HoH. HoH* says /this 
thing does this./ *HeghmoH* is more like /he's dead because of this 
thing./ This is just my gut feeling on the matter, not a rule.

You could say *HeghmoH tar*/poison is fatal,/ but you couldn't say **tar 
HeghmoH* /fatal poison./

If a first officer assassinates a captain for weakness, you'd say *HoD 
HoH yaS wa'DIch*/the first officer kills the captain,/ not *HoD HeghmoH 
yaS wa'DIch*/the first officer is fatal to the captain,/ even though the 
sentence is perfectly grammatical. Again, this is just my opinion.


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