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majQa', Qov!  

N.B. " the show’s Klingon expert, and Rea Nolan, the show's linguist "

This is very encouraging:  they have a Klingonist AND a linguist (presumably for other alien languages) on staff.


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<Mary Chieffo and Kenneth Mitchell, who play the Klingons L’Rell and Kol, are super-serious about learning the Klingon language. The two actors noted that they work closely with *** Robyn Stewart ***, the show’s Klingon expert, and Rea Nolan, the show's linguist, to fully learn the language. They practice dialogue during the three hours in their makeup chairs. The goal is not only to speak it perfectly, but to read – and understand every word – of the Klingon in their scripts.>

majQa', Qov!


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