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jatlh SuStel:

Maltz also uses the property of the glottal stop to stress the syllable it
appears in. By the general stress rules, *wIyqIy* would be pronounced with
stress on the *qIy,* while *wI'qIy* is stressed on the *wI'.* (He *could *have
said it was *wIy'qIy,* but he didn't.)

jatlh nicolay:
> It seems Maltz is also working with the Americanized pronunciation of
"wiki", which is what many people use when referring to Wikipedia and its
derivatives, rather than the original Hawaiian.

jatlh Matlh;
"Wiki" in English is pronounced with stress on the first syllable, which
has the same vowel sound as "with" or "which" or "hit" – Klingon {I} – and
the second syllable is the same as English "key." So it rhymes with
"Mickey" or "picky."

I'm less concerned with the stress of the loanword and more concerned about
the mispronunciation.
It's a loan word. Klingons can learn which syllable gets the emphasis.

American pronunciation? Is that what Maltz is trying to describe there?
As an American, I have never heard anyone say "wiki" in a way that
rhymes with "Mickey".

The first part of "wiki" is "we" as in "us" (or one could argue "wee" as in
Which is the same sound as the second part which is "key".
Regardless of where the stress lies, the "i" isn't changing sounds.
Hawaiian is just as phonetic as Klingon is.

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