[tlhIngan Hol] -meH meq, and paq'batlh

Michael Kúnin netzakh at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 30 15:34:30 PDT 2017

I would add that there is a sentence in paq'batlh:
DaH naDev jIHtaHbogh meq Saja'
(interestingly, in {qamchIyDaq 'uQ'a'})

Before the qep'a', I suggested (apparently, on FB) that Maltz comments on the grammar of this sentence; hopefully, more light will be shed at the upcoming qepHom'a'.
I am also quite interested in which nouns can serve as head nouns of a {-bogh} clause when the clause relates to its own entirety rather than to its subject or object (poH? ngoD/ghu'? Daq? nger/qech?). 
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