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Remember the Klingon dialogue between Uhura and the Klingon from Star Trek
Into Darkness? Do you also remember that the final cut was pieced together
and retranslated and re-subtitled? On YouTube you can still watch the
original cut (with wrong subtitles though):


The Klingon Wiki has the dialogue and explanations about this scene:


A few of those lines were still unclear. For my Klingon course that I will
teach in September and November this year (in Switzerland), I was preparing
a discussion and translation task about these dialogues, and I think I
understood one of the lines that have a (?) behind it.

The Wiki has: {jIHvo' neH De' jIbup (?).} = "from me want data ..."
This doesn't make much sense. I listened to the dialogue again and I think
what's being said is:

{jIHvo' nIHDI' jIbup.} = "When he stole from me, I quit."

This makes a lot of sense in the whole dialogue. I think I will correct the
dialogue in the Klingon Wiki.

Any idea about the other sentence?
{tlhInganna' naQpu'a' SoH?} = "You are a definite klingon. (?)"

I do think the dialogue is in correct Klingon, but perhaps it's something
quite different, though I don't get the verb in the middle, a suggestion:
{tlhIngan Da-???-pu''a' SoH?} = "Did you [naq?] a Klingon / the Klingon(s)?"
The syllable in the middle sounds like naq or naQ, but I can't figure it

Also, is the second line plausible?
{mughojmoH parmaqqaywI'.} = "My romantic partner has taught me."

Maybe this is referring to the Klingons' surprise upon her speaking
Klingon, but the sentence seems a bit out of context. Could the verb be
something different here? Maybe the romantic partner has betrayed, wronged,
abandoned, stolen from, ... her – but none of the verbs fit.

Apologies if this has all long been figured out years ago after the movie;
maybe the Klingon Wiki page isn't up-to-date. I'd like to present a
complete dialogue to my (future) students.

- André
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