[tlhIngan Hol] Saw/nay

Isawo Tsukada qapla at orange.zero.jp
Fri Aug 4 21:45:12 PDT 2017

A Japanese word "totsugu" is just like {nay}. The subject of this verb is always woman(she, my daughter, her big sister, etc.), the exact meaning is "into the husband's house(tuq)". There are different words, one of them is "yome-iri suru"(lit. to become a wife who is into a tuq, {loDnal tuqnIgh moj}).
If a man marry and into wife's house, "muko-iri suru" in Japanese. It's like {Saw} but not same. Muko is a curious word, means "a husband who is into a wife's tuq".
Also, there is a word "kekkon suru", means tlhogh(v).

Saw/nay, we don't know the origin of these words, perhaps they might have these meaning.

It's irrelevant to discussion, 'ach muqawmoHmo' vIqonta' :)


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