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Maltz mentioned that air pressure is usually measured in terms of something
like chebmey per morgh. I wanted to see how this related to Earth
measurements of pressure (for instance, like one might see in a weather

One cheb is (about) 2.25 kg, or 4.96 pounds.

One morgh is 27 square ujes. An uj is (about) 34.83 cm, which is 13.713
inches. 13.713 * 13.713 * 27 = 5077.25 square inches.

So one cheb per morgh is 4.96 pounds/5077.25 square inches = 0.000977 psi.
(9.77E-4 in exponential notation). It is also 6.74E-2 millibars, 1.99E-3
inHg, and 5.05E-2 mmHg.

Using a pressure of 1020 millibars (the current pressure in DC and NY,
rounded), we can express that in Klingon as 15133.5 chebmey per morgh.

Using cheb'a'mey, which are nine chebmey, we can get smaller, more
convenient numbers: a cheb'a'mey per morgh is 8.79E-3 psi, 0.606 mb, 0.0179
inHg, and 0.455 mmHg. So converting 1020 millibars, we get 1683 cheb'a'mey
per morgh, which is the same magnitude as the millibar measurement. (Or
about 1683, at least; there might be some rounding errors in my math here.
Simply dividing 15133.5 by nine also works, and gives 1681.5.)
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