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jatlh Lieven:

I had a chance ask Marc Okrand, and he said that Maltz had never heard of a
"wiki", but he pronounced it as {wI'qIy}. << this is canon now.

But note that it's not a Klingon word, just the klingon spelling for a
federation word, like {'e'levan}.

Here's the entire message:
(see http://www.qephom.de/e/message_from_maltz_170801.html)
"Wiki" in English is pronounced with stress on the first syllable, which
has the same vowel sound as "with" or "which" or "hit" – Klingon {I} – and
the second syllable is the same as English "key." So it rhymes with
"Mickey" or "picky." If "Klingonized," I think it would be {wI'qIy}. It's
not a Klingon word, but Klingons would use the Federation Standard word
(probably pronounced in the Klingon way) for this Federation thing. I don't
know if Klingons have a similar sort of thing. I'll have to see what Maltz
has to say. (It's okay to forward this information – the important part is
that it's not a Klingon word, but the Klingon pronunciation [and spelling]
of a Federation Standard word that Klingons use from time to time. Same as
{'e'levan}. Or you can wait and we can just include it in the qepHom wish

I'm not sure who Matlz's Hawaiian tutor is, but shouldn't "wiki" be
transliterated as {wIyqIy}?
Hawaiian has a glottal stop, and "wikiwiki" doesn't have one.

This song from Lilo & Stitch uses the phrase "wiki wiki" for those that
wish to listen to the pronunciation:

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