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> Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, April 28, 2017
> Klingon word: qIp
> Part of speech: verb
> Definition: hit (with hand, fist, implement)
> Source: TKD

(KGT 105-06):  the Klingon phrase {wa' DoS wIqIp} ("We hit one target") or the shorter {DoS wIqIp} ("We hit a target") is frequently heard in conversations that have nothing to do with shooting, targets, or even weaponry. It is a way of saying "We agree." 

(KGT 74-75):  Some types of {'In} [percussion instrument] are struck with the hand, either palm ({toch}) or fist ({ro'}), depending on the particular instrument. To hit the instrument with the palm is {weq}; to strike it with the fist is {tlhaw'}.

(KGT 69):  To challenge one to a duel to the death, one hits one's adversary with the back of the hand ({chap}). If one is hitting someone for some other reason, such as simple enjoyment, one uses the fist ({ro'}).
[Lieven Lietaer & Marc Okrand, 10/29/2015]:  
MO: To use a stapler or hole punch ("perforator, hole punch" {nIqDob}), you {qIp} it or {'uy} ["pess down"] it or {ngaH} ("squeeze") it, depending on the device. [...] The hole punch will {ghID} ("pierce, perforate") the paper (or other material). 

 - maqIpchuq we hit each other TKD
 - SuqIpchuq you (plural) hit each other TKD
 - qIpchuq they hit each other TKD
 - peqIpchuq hit each other! TKD
 - nuqIpvIp They are afraid to hit us. TKD
 - qama' vIqIppu' neH I merely hit the prisoner. TKD 

 - qIppu'bogh yaS the officer who hit him. TKD
 - yaS qIppu'bogh the officer whom he hit. TKD
 - qIppu'bogh yaS vIlegh I see the officer who hit him. TKD
 - mulegh qIppu'bogh yaS The officer who hit him sees me. TKD
 - yaS qIppu'bogh vIlegh I see the officer whom he hit. TKD
 - mulegh yaS qIppu'bogh The officer whom he hit sees me. TKD
 - yaS qIppu' 'e' vIlegh I saw him hit the officers. TKD

 - qIpmeH Qatlh'a' Difficult to hit? ST5 [i.e. wIqIpmeH Qatlh'a' (in ST5 Notes)]

 - tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp Hit them hard and hit them fast. TKW
 - yIQeqQo' neH. DoS yIqIp Don't just aim; hit the target! TKW

 - wa' DoS wIqIp We hit one target (idiom: We agree.) KGT
 - DoS wIqIp We hit a target. KGT
 - cha' DoSmey DIqIp We hit two targets. (idiom: We disagree.) KGT
 - DoSmey DIqIp We hit targets. (idiom: We disagree; lit. "We hit scattered targets.") KGT
 - ray' wIqIp We hit targets. KGT

 - jIqIp'egh I hit myself. TKD
 - bIqIp'egh You hit yourself. TKD
 - qIp'egh He hits himself. TKD

 - qIp'egh nachDu'chaj tlhIngan SuvwI'pu' Klingon warriors are butting heads. CK

 - molor qIpmeH wa' chap lo' qeylIS 'ej ghaHvo' yIt [translation wanting] PB 

mup 			impact, strike
chuHchu'	 	hit with a thrown spear 
moq 			beat [with an implement]
'urgh 		jab, poke

tlhIngan ghantoH pIn'a'
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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