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Anthony Appleyard :
> We need a clear list of the Klingon for the various ideas that the word
> "exhaust" suggests:-

I think that we already have vocabulary covering most of these:

> (1) V, to be/get tired :: By then I was exhausted after picking my annual
> plum crop.
Doy'qu'  	be very tired (v)

  I am very tired. PK

> (2) V, to use all of :: by year 2000 the oilfield was exhausted.
natlh  	use up, consume, expend:

KGT 155:  Literally meaning "consume, use up, expend", {natlh} is normally applied to energy, fuel, supplies, and the like and is used in phrases such as {nIn Hoch natlhlu'pu'} ("All the fuel has been consumed"), with {nIn Hoch} ("all the fuel") functioning as the object of the verb {natlhlu'pu'} ("someone/something has consumed it").
HoS law'qu' natlhmo' So'wI' 
Due to the tremendous energy drain of a cloaking device... S33 

Qop  		be worn out (v)

(KGT 163):  The word {Qop} means be worn out and is usually applied to old weapons, tools, mechanical devices, and the like.

> (3) N, pipe or vent to discharge waste from.

ghImwI'  	mechanism?

  peng baHjan tuj ghImwI'
  heat exhaust for torpedo launcher (KBoP)

'och 		conduit (KBOP), pipe?  duct?

(MO to Lieven, 1/09/2012):  Regarding plumber - It turns out there is a special word for water pipe (not what you use for smoking - the kind that carries water from place to place): {qatlhDa'}. Though one could say {qatlhDa' mutlhwI'} and be understood, the normal way to refer to someone putting in pipes (for water or anything else) is {'och mutlhwI'}. 

yIb   	vent (cover at end: i.e. open or closed?)
neb  		nozzle (like on the end of a hose, rocket, etc.)

> (4) N, the waste gas or steam thus discharged.

taQbang  	exhaust

Now cf. taQbang "urine, fecal matter" (slang) (qep'a' 2016) 

Add {SIp} "gas", {SeS} "steam", {vI'laS} "fog, mist", {tlhIch} "smoke", {lI'choD} "plasma", {woj} "radiation", etc.  E.g. {SIp taQbang} or {taQbang SIp}.

> (6) Any other uses that can be found.

V, to pipe, vent or discharge waste

tlhuch 	exhaust
vuj  		expel, eject

(qep'a' 2016):  Often used with {taQbang} "urine, fecal matter" (slang).

(qurgh, 8/15/2016):  Marc said about this word that it's for physically ejecting or expelling things only. It doesn't cover the meaning of "eject" or "expel" when a person is asked to leave somewhere and does so through their own ability (he was ejected from the club so he left and went home, the principal expelled the student), however it does count if the bouncer/teacher picks the person up and physically throws them out of the building.

(qunnoq):  So, can we use {vuj} to express "the CD player ejected the CD"?(qurgh, 8/15/2016):  Yes. I actually asked about that exact thing. I had a laptop that would practically launch CDs across the table when I hit the eject button, and Marc confirmed that was definitely {vuj}.  

> (5) N, useful propulsive blast as from a jetmotor or a rocket.


I couldn't think of anything useful for this one.

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