[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: ruDelya' rop'a'

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 06:51:31 PDT 2017

Am 10.04.2017 um 15:41 schrieb SuStel:
> On 4/10/2017 9:16 AM, Steven Boozer wrote:
>> yIpIv
>> Be healthy! (Okrand to Proechel, 3/1998)
> Notice that this is a violation of the later rule that states and
> qualities in the imperative mood must have *-'egh* and *-moH* on them.

That's clipped Klingon! ;-)

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh

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