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> Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, September 28, 2016
> Klingon word: buv
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: classification
> Source: TKD


  Hung buv rav: patlh Hut 
  classified level 9 and above (KBoP)

{Hung buv} = "security classification" (i.e. security clearance)

Shortly before her death in 2387, Ambassador K'Ehleyr was denied access to files on the Net relating to the High Council's inquiries into the Khitomer Massacre,  Council Member Duras had restricted the files to *du-ko-cha* clearance or higher and K'Ehleyr's own clearance of *pah-doQ-cha* was insufficient. (TNG "Reunion")

poj 			analysis (n)
HIDjolev 		menu (n)
mem 			catalog (n)
chovnatlh 		specimen (n)
mut 			species (n)
Segh 			race (type, sort, class) (n)

ngoq 			code (n)
ngoqDe' 		encoded message (n)
chaw' ngoq		password, passcode (n)

buv  			classify (v)
poj 			analyze (v)
pegh 			keep something secret, be secret, classified (v)

(Lieven, 11/2014 < qepHom 2014):  Maltz also said that now that everyone knows the word {meS} ["knot"], he can add that {meS} is a frequently used slang term for "encrypt". Similarly, {meSHa'} means "decrypt".

Lieven also mentioned that {So'} is the normal way to say "encrypt", {So'Ha'} means "decrypt with permission", and {baghHa'} means "decrypt without permission". 

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