[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: Ha'on vevwI'

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Mon Sep 26 08:44:34 PDT 2016

> {nav ghomDaq Ha'on vIvev.}  I staple the papers (lit. "I insert a staple
> into a/the group of papers.")
> From the qepHom 2015 Exercise book (p.18):
> MO: A stapler is a {Ha'on vevwI'}. The staple, the little metal thing, is
> called {baS Ha'on} or just {Ha'on}. The verb {vev} means "insert, put in",
> so the stapler is literally a device that "puts in" the staple ({Ha'on})
> into the paper.
> LL: If the object of {vev} are the staples, where would I put the paper
> into the sentence? It seems to be called a "staple-inserter", not a
> "paper-stapler"...
> MO: That's true; the result is that it's stapling paper together, but what
> it's really doing is sticking a staple into the papers.

Some more from the Exercise book:

MO:  Here are some more words related to paper: a letter, that is a message written on a sheet of paper and sent to someone is a {nav Qin}. An envelope is called {nav vaH}. In context, {vaH} by itself is enough. The word {vaH} can actually be used for everything you put something inside of it. It's a cover for it. A bill, a payment request, something you must pay, is a {ghogh'ot}.


LL: So how do I say "staple the sheets "?

MO: To "staple" papers together is to {rar} them. To use a stapler or hole punch ("perforator, hole punch" {nIqDob}), you {qIp} it or {'uy} it or {ngaH} ("squeeze") it, depending on the device. But Maltz said that doesn't mean "squeeze" like squeezing into a tight space. That verb is {qoch}. ... For squeezing a toothpaste tube or for squeezing an orange, he said the verb is {ngaH}. The hole punch will {ghID} ("pierce, perforate") the paper (or other material). 

LL: Can {ghID} also mean perforate a paper with a tooth pick or similar?

MO: Yes, of course.

LL: What else can I {vev}?

MO: You could put the letter in the envelope. Or put a pen into a pen holder.  A binder or a notebook is called {gho paq}. But it's not a notebook with multiple pages you write notes on. It's something you can add papers to and take them out. It's an empty book where you can put pages in, and it holds them together.

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