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> Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, September 20, 2016
> Klingon word: Sa'
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: general (rank)

  ghu'maj Dayajbe'law', Sa'.  (ST6}
  [You don't seem to grasp our situation, General.] (ST6 novel)

  Danumlu'.  Sa' Damoj. 
  Promoted to general. MKE

(KGT 52):  When used with an individual's name, a title follows the name: {tlha'a HoD} (Captain Klaa), {cheng Sa'} (General Chang), {qeng la'} (Commander Kang), and so on.

(KGT 197f):  If someone has an official title, such as a military rank or a position in the government, this title follows the name; for example, {martaq Sa'} (General Martok), {ghawran Qang} (Chancellor Gowron). When addressing such a person, the title is left off only when the occasion is decidedly nonofficial.

Known Klingon generals include K'Vagh (ENT "Affliction", "Divergence"), Koord (ST5), Krell (ST5), Chang(ST6), Khmarr (ST6), Grokh (ST6), Worf (ST6), Martok (DS9), K'Trelan (DS9), Nemchick/Tuvot (DS9), ShiVang (DS9), Tanas (DS9).

The Second Dynasty ended when General K'trelan assassinated Emperor Reclaw. For the next 10 years the empire was ruled by a council elected by the people. Modern-day Klingon historians refer to this as the Dark Time. (DS9 "You Are Cordially Invited...") 

General K'Vagh was the military governor of Qu'Vat Colony and in charge of the genetics research facility there (ENT "Affliction" & "Divergence")

General Krell ordered Klaa to follow Enterprise. Krell's message was taped, leaving no opportunity to respond or to question orders. Korrd is Krell's brother-in-law. (ST5 novelization)

Gowron wants an attack on heavily fortified Sarpedion V, headquarters of the Cardassian 12th Order. Martok goes in first with 15 Vorcha-class battlecruisers, General Nemchick goes in next. (DS9 "Tacking Into the Wind")

No doubt a coincidence, but {Sa'Hut} means "ass, rear end, buttocks" - which has no doubt been commented upon by generations of Klingon warriors!  <g>

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