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Fri Sep 16 09:28:36 PDT 2016

> so, he signed your copy of kgt ? hmm.. interesting.. very interesting..
> Your apparent sarcasm [..]


meq le'mo' naHQunvaD jIjangmeH mu'meyvam vIghIlthta'
because of a specific reason in order to reply to naHQun I wrote these words

ben law' puqpu' much tu'lu'; muchvamvaD futurama ponglu'.
many years ago there was a cartoon series called futurama

'ej muchvamDaq qoq tlhaq tu'lu'; bender 'oH qoqvam pong'e'.
and at that series there was a funny robot called bender.

toH much 'ay'vam tu'lu' :
so there was this episode :

vIbHa'ta' bender juppu'Daj je 'ej new york tIqDaq mev.
bender and his friends traveled to the past and went to ancient new york.

puH Duj luleghpu'DI', QuQDaj wab DelmeH jatlh *fry* (Human ghaH *fry*'e'):
as soon as they saw a car, fry (who was a human), said in order to
describe the sound of its engine:

ghuvam yI'Ij !
listen to this baby !

DaH, puH Duj Sovbe' bender qoq 'ej meqvammo' Harpu': jonta' qoDDaq ghu' tu'lu' !
now, bender (the robot) didn't know what a car was, so he believed
that inside the car's engine there was a baby !

toH ngugh jatlh: hmm.. jonta' qoDDaq ghu' tu'lu' ? hmm.. Daj.. Dajqu'..
so then he said: hmm.. there is a baby in the engine ? hmm..
interesting.. very interesting..


jatlhta'DI' naHQun: paqwIjDaq ghItlhta' 'oqranD, vIyajbe'..
as soon as naHQun said: 'oqranD wrote in my book, I didn't understand him..

'ej bender vIqawmo', ngugh jIghItlhta': toH paqlIjDaq ghItlhta' ?
hmm.. Daj.. Dajqu'..
and because I remembered bender, I wrote: so he wrote in your book ?
hmm.. interesting.. very interesting..


qunnoq HoD

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 6:12 PM, Lieven <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:
> Am 16.09.2016 um 16:07 schrieb qurgh lungqIj:
>> We asked for "air" as in the stuff around us that can be put into tanks.
>> We got {rewve'} as the common term and {lay} as a technical term. We
>> were not told the difference.
> I wouldn't say that so strictly. Mentioning that one does not breath {lay}
> already is a kind of difference.
> It leaves room for intepretation, but also gives a direction.
> It seems to me like we are surrounded by {rewve'}, and that's what we
> breathe. Since {lay} is "technical", it's probably used in expressions like
> "liquid air". You don't breathe that, indeed.
> Just my humble opinion, of course.
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