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ok, I'll delete it right away

thank you Ca'non master !

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qunnoq :
> Is there a noun {waH} meaning "the test of one's abilities" ?

No AFAIK, but there is the noun {qaD} "challenge, test (of one's abilities)

> I noticed this entry in my dictionary, and I think that it must be a
> mistake on my part.

You may have conflated the noun {laH} "ability" with the verb {waH} "taste,
try out (e.g. food), test, use experimentally", introduced on
msn.onstage.startrek.expert.okrand (7/01/1997):

  {waH} means "try out, use (experimentally)" and it is also
  the word used for taste in the sense of trying out food to
  see if it's prepared properly or to find out if you like it.

      qagh vIwaH
      I taste the gagh.
      ("I try out the gagh [to see how it tastes]")

chov            assess, evaluate, test (v)
tob             test conclusively,  prove (v)
Daj             test inconclusively (v)

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