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> Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, September 27, 2016
> Klingon word: wornagh
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: *warnog*, Klingon ale

(KGT 95):  ... many native Klingon alcoholic drinks have names that do not contain the word {HIq}. Among these are {wornagh} ("warnog"), a kind of ale

(KGT 98f):  Unless specified further, {HIq HIvje'} ("liquor glass") usually means a tankard or stein for beer or ale. A {bal} is any bottle or jug used to store liquid... Ale is often stored in a large vat ({qegh}) rather than in a {bal}.

(Lieven 12/12/2013):  [Maltz] said he has been asked before about "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year". He thought they were silly things to say (and, of course, there are no traditional Klingon ways to say these things) ... He also liked my sister-in-law's suggestion: {wornagh yItlhutlh!} 


The clone of Kahless was exposed because he could not detect the difference between real and replicated *warnog*. (TNG "Rightful Heir")

General Martok often enjoyed *warnog* aboard the IKS Rotarran to keep him warm. (DS9 "Sons and Daughters")

For a K.A.G. (the Klingon fan group) version of Klingon beer see: http://www.thetrekcollective.com/2014/03/an-honorable-drink.html 

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