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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 10:33 AM, Steven Boozer <sboozer at uchicago.edu>
> Seen in the Rite of Ascension chamber of the House of SepIch, the {quv
bey'} looks like the Pride of Weapons {nuH bey'} except that it contains
two bat'leths and two d'k tahgs, as opposed to the {nuH bey'} which has one
bat'leth, one {naQjej} spear, and a {ghob'etlh} gutting weapon [spelling
uncertain] ("one of three weapons traditionally displayed on the {nuH
bey'}").   [KCD, via qoror]
> Essentially, this seems to be a special {nuH bey'} mounted in a Rite of
Ascension chamber.  Perhaps these weapons belonged to the founder of the
House or famous members thereof.
> There's a photo labeled "ritual tools used in the Age of Ascension
ceremony" of two {ghanjaq} and a glavin mounted on wall in TKW (p. 204).
> A photo of what might be Worf's {nuH bey'} on the wall of his
Enterprise-D quarters - seen in TNG "Genesis", et al. - can be seen in TKW
(p. 124).

Wait, so these are two distinct, and clearly specified types of weapons
I'll have to update my notes accordingly.

Do we know how these differ from the {betleH bey'}?

If {bey'} is "ceremonial display" what do I use for the non-ceremonial
display on the wall behind me?


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