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Mon Oct 10 11:02:04 PDT 2016

>> Does anyone have the English text of the audio tour?
> Sort of. I have the app itself, though I haven't transcribed the English
> text corresponding to the Klingon text. There's actually not a
> 1:1 correspondence. Rather, the Klingon is a summary or condensation of
> the English text, which is usually longer or split over several "stories"
> (each exhibit has multiple of these in the English version, but only one
> in the Klingon version).
De'vID, thanks for transcribing this.

I noticed another interesting use of {Do} "velocity": 

vuvDI' Bell X-wa', DoDaj vItlh law' wab Do vItlh puS. 
 Do patlhvam chavta'bogh muD Duj wa'DIch moj 'oH.
the Bell X-1 became the first airplane to fly faster
 than the speed of sound

Do patlh vItlhqu' chavta'.  qaStaHvIS wa' rep, vaghvatlh
 javmaH loS qelI'qam lenglaH, wabDo wa' vI' pagh jav. 
He reached a speed of 1127 kilometers per hour (700 miles per hour),
 or Mach 1.06 at an altitude of 13,000 meters (43,000 feet).

While the difference between {wab Do} "the speed of sound" vs. {wabDo} "Mach (factor)" - similar to {gho'Do} "sublight (speed)" and {qughDo} "cruising speed" - has already been remarked upon last month, I just now noticed 
Okrand used {DoDaj} "it's velocity" in the comparison:

  DoDaj vItlh law' wab Do vItlh puS

but {Do patlh} "velocity level" for a specific speed (twice):

  Do patlhvam chavta'bogh muD Duj wa'DIch

  Do patlh vItlhqu' chavta'  

and again in the paragraph on the X-15:

  Do patlhvam 'Iv patlhvam je chavta'bogh telmey ghajbogh
   muD Duj wa'DIch 'oH.  

tlhIngan ghantoH pIn'a'
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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