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Fri Oct 28 07:34:20 PDT 2016

> Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, October 28, 2016
> Klingon word: chabHom
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: cookie (food)

Lieven, from qepHom 2015:

 MO: {chabHom} is fine as a general term for a cookie (food). 
     A {bIQyIn} is a specific type of {chabHom} that's sort
     of two {chabHommey} stuck together. They're on top of
     each other, like a sandwich.
 LL: Like a sandwich... Maltz didn't mention the word sandwich 
     being called a {HIlel}?
 MO: Maltz never said that -- Mark Shoulson said that! (laughs
     out loud)  

Diminutive of {chab} "pie, tart, dumpling": 

(SuStel, 7/10/2004):  At a qep'a' a few years ago, we asked Marc Okrand about this, and he said that {chab} would work for this. The word means any baked bread or crust sort of food. So, doughnuts are {chab}, turnovers are {chab}, and pizza is {chab}. Mince pie would be {chab}. Bagels are {chab}. [...] {chab} doesn't equal bread. Don't expect your audience to know what kind of {chab} you mean unless you say it. You may be talking about a hamburger bun, but I'm going to wonder why you're putting meat into your apple turnovers.

(Lieven L. Litaer [date?]):  [*{tIr Soj}] was used at the qepHom, I don't know who, but it was some German who came up with this description. But *{tIr Soj} could also be corn flakes, or Weizenbier. It's not the word for bread either.

(MO email to Lieven [11/15/2010]):  While thinking about food, [Maltz] added that the word for bread is {tIr ngogh}.

tIr ngogh 		bread
tIq Hom         	dim sum 
pItSa' chab 	pizza (TNK)
'Iwchab 		blood pie

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