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On 10/23/2016 6:41 PM, Juliana Bukoski wrote:
> According to TKD, *qIppu'bogh yaS vIlegh* means "I see the officer who 
> hit him/her" and *yaS qIppu'bogh vIlegh* means "I see the officer whom 
> he/she hit", so can you say something like *be'Hom* *qIppu'bogh yaS 
> vIlegh*, and if so, does it mean "I see the girl the officer hit" or 
> "I see the officer who hit the girl"?

Yes. :)

You can say that, and it means both of those things. Context will tell 
the listener or reader which one you mean.

There is an optional way to disambiguate the two meanings, which is not 
explained in /The Klingon Dictionary, /but which Marc Okrand has told us 
elsewhere: you can add the noun suffix *-'e'* to the head noun of the 
relative clause to show that it is the head noun.

*be'Hom'e' qIppu'bogh yaS vIlegh
*/I see the girl whom the officer hit/

*be'Hom qIppu'bogh yaS'e' vIlegh
*/I see the officer who hit the girl/


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