[tlhIngan Hol] Will it survive ?

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 13 07:41:09 PDT 2016

>> Okrand wrote that:
>> "The correct way to say "Do you think that...?" is {... 'e' DaQub'a'?}

> Thank you so much for sharing this ! On numerous occasions I wanted to use
> {'e'} in this manner, but I refrained out of guilt. I felt like if I used
> it in this manner, I would be cheating ! Anyway, I'll add all this
> information to my notes, right away !
I found another example in the paq'batlh, but I don't have the English translation:

  mInDu'wIj tIbuS molor
    vay' qalay'ta'
    'ej batlh 'e' vIpab

The relevant bit literally means "I have promised you something and I will follow it (adhere to it) honorably" (Kahless speaks to Molor, paq'raD, Canto 21:1).  Would someone check this verse?

As an aside, there's a similar idiom elsewhere in the paq'batlh, {'Ip pab}:

  tugh 'Ipvetlh Dapab DaneH'a'? 
  How would you like to keep that promise, very soon? (PB 59-60)

And {batlh pab} also appears, without an explicit object:

  jIlay'ta' 'ej batlh jIpabta' vaj choDanIS 
  I have kept my word of honor, and so should you
  (PB 150-151, 186-187)

  jIlay'DI' reH batlh jIpabchugh Qapla'meywIj Hoch
   vIta'ta' 'e' DaHar'a' 
  Did you think that my word of honor would have
   carried me this far? (PB 156-57)

  qotarvaD lay'ta' 'ej batlh pab qeylIS 
  Kahless kept his word of honor to Kotar (PB 184-85)

  bIleghlaH jIlay'ta' 'ej batlh jIpabta' 
  As you see, I have kept my word (PB 192-93)


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