[tlhIngan Hol] Vanitas Vanitatum et Omnia Vanitas

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Oct 7 05:57:26 PDT 2016

On 10/7/2016 2:13 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> jIH:
>> jIQub: 'op ret yIn nuvpu'vam Hoch wa'.
> ghunchu'wI':
>> mu'tlheghvam vIyajlaHbe'. mu' Danoppu'a'?
> The intented meaning was "I was thinking: some time ago, each one of
> these people was living (alive)".

This effect can be achieved with *'op ret yIn Hoch nuvvam*/some time ago 
each of these people lived./

When you use *Hoch* in front of a noun, if that noun lacks a plural 
suffix, the meaning is "each /noun//./" If the noun has a plural suffix, 
the meaning is "all /nouns./" Saying "all /nouns/" is the only time a 
plural suffix is required in Klingon.


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