[tlhIngan Hol] [English] Using "pong" as a verb to say "my name is..." ?

Ed Bailey bellerophon.modeler at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 11:22:25 PDT 2016

Sustel quoted MO:

"When the indirect object (in this case, the hearer) is first or second
person, the pronominal prefix which normally indicates first or second
person object may be used."

One wonders whether MO didn't consider the case André suggested, or
rejected it because it might confound listeners' expectations (since the
"prefix trick" couldn't work with any other third person agent/third person

I just realized, Aurélie, that you began this thread with the salutation
<Hoch Savan>, but it seems not to have elicited comment. I wish I had a
darsek for every time I've been corrected for using such a construction, in
which a noun stands in the place of a first or second person subject or
object. Some think this violates the rule of rom <accord>, which says the
prefix must agree with the subject and object, because (and this is the
part I dispute) nouns, common or proper, are inherently third person. This
second part is not a rule in Klingon, and I maintain that in such cases the
noun is an appositive to the unexpressed pronoun.

ngervam toblu'meH, ngoD teH Delbogh mu'tlheghvam'e' vIchup: <Hoch Savan>
bIjatlhDI' Aurélie, pIyaj Hoch.

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