[tlhIngan Hol] [English] Using "pong" as a verb to say "my name is..." ?

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Mon Oct 3 07:52:19 PDT 2016

On 10/3/2016 10:36 AM, Lieven wrote:
> Am 03.10.2016 um 16:08 schrieb SuStel:
>> You said "So it IS true that the /word/ has a first person object, but
>> the prefix itself does NOT."
>> I don't even know what this is supposed to mean.
> Come on, you're not that stupid. You just enjoy nitpicking and attach 
> yourself to my not-so-perfect scientific linguistic description. I'm 
> sorry, I'll go study English language and linguistics before I write 
> any other message here.

Listen, bub: I really didn't understand the phrase, because it really 
was that badly worded. I don't give a crap how linguistic your 
descriptions are, so long as your sentence makes sense, which yours 
didn't. Maybe if you weren't covered in nits, I wouldn't pick so much.


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