[tlhIngan Hol] Use of -pu' (verb suffux)

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I disagree with your assessment of the English. I have written is not less remote in time than I wrote. The difference is only one of tense. I have written four books. I wrote the last one last year.

Klingon -pu’ and -ta’ have only the aspectual part of the English. They tell you that the action is/was/will be completed. They don’t tell you when the action occurs or when it is completed. That information must be supplied elsewhere. loS paq vIqonpu’. wa’ ben paq Qav vIqonpu’.


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In detail, how much does e.g. {ghItlhpu'} correspond with English "I have written"? One use of the English perfect is in e.g.

"I wrote a book", and that was a while ago.

"I have written a book", recently and it is news that you need to know.

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