[tlhIngan Hol] magic and magicians

DloraH seruq at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 25 12:21:03 PST 2016

> Can I infer from this that you would also use {lIl} to refer to dressing
> as someone or something for e.g. Halloween, i.e. {targh vIlIl} "I'm
> going as a targ"? Or would you need to say something like {targh jIH 'e'
> vIghet}? What about an actor in a play? 
> Also, where is the boundary between {lIl} and {Da}? 
> -SapIr

The way I interpret all this...

A comedian will often lIl politicians.

Saying that someone is [Da] behaving as a Romulan or Ferengi, would most
likely be meant as an insult; not a compliment on their acting skill.

Performers on stage ghet.  I suppose actors could also lIl if the show
was non-fiction, a documentary about someone.

- DloraH

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