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> Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, November 11, 2016
> Klingon word: jeQ
> Part of speech: verb
> Definition: be selfconfident

You are self-confident. KGT

"It means being sure of your ability to do something." (ghunchu'wI')

See also the phrase {vaj Duj chIj} "navigate a warrior ship", an idiom meaning "have strength of character".

For the opposite idea: 

(KGT 30-31):  throughout the Empire, a soup whose main component is *igvah* liver has a special name, {ghaw'}. This word is avoided in the Vospeg region, however, because there, the word {ghaw'} is a slang term meaning something like "one who is full of self-doubt or who is insecure" and is a word used only as an insult. To refer to the soup, one simply says {'IghvaH chej chatlh} (literally, "*igvah* liver soup"). In most of the Empire, to say to someone {ghaw' SoH} means only "You are igvah liver soup", an odd thing to say, but more incongruous than anything else.

See the idiom {Ha'quj nge'} "take away a sash":

(KGT 123):  This is the Klingon equivalent of "wound one's pride". The sash represents a Klingon's heritage. If the sash is removed, so is the Klingon's ancestral identity, and, along with it, his or her dignity and self-esteem. It is generally used with a possessive pronominal suffix attached to {Ha'quj} (sash):  {Ha'qujwIj} (my sash), {Ha'qujlIj (your sash), and so forth. Thus, the phrase {Ha'qujlIj nge'} (literally, "take away your sash") means "wound your pride". 


"Leadership grows from self-confidence, which is part of a Starfleet officer's education." (Troi, TNG "Pen Pals")

"She must see the fire in your eyes. [...] Words come later." (Worf counseling Geordi, TNG "Transfigurations")

jaq 		be bold
Hem 		be proud
nguq 		be arrogant, be haughty, be conceited

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