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On 11/30/2016 5:37 AM, De'vID wrote:
> https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154731682709935&id=108634264934
> These terms are new to me. Have they been revealed elsewhere?
> {qangtlhIn} n. ideology
> {'Irgh} v. to bully (someone)
> This is a phrase composed of known words:
> {meHghem Qat} n. pop culture
> Also, there's a usage of {num} to mean "promote a message" (as opposed
> to the "promote (to a rank)" sense used in Klingon Monopoly), and
> another usage of {tur}.

For those of us who prefer searchable email to ephemeral social media 
images, the text is:

    *tera' DIS cha' pagh wa' wej meHghem Qat Sub boq cherlu'.
    vay' mIpmoHbe' DIvI'vam, 'ej/Hov leng/ qangtlhIn pabchu'.
    qum DuSaQmeyDaq 'Irghbe'meH ghotpu' nabmey ghojmoH,
    'ej /pIj tay'taH Doch pIm/ num.
    Da'Irghlu'chugh, potlhqu' Huch Daghaqbogh,
    'ej yInmey lutoDlu'meH Qu' 'ut wItur 'e' QaH noblIj.
    **pItlho'. maHvaD Huch Daghaqmo', bIquvqu'.*

    In 2013, Popular Culture Hero Coalition was established.

    This organization does not enrich anyone (financially), and it
    perfectly follows the ideology of /*Star Trek.*/

    In public schools, it teaches procedures so that people don't bully,
    and it promotes /*Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.*/

    If you were bullied, money that you contribute is very important,
    and your gift will help us carry out an essential mission so that
    lives are saved.

    We thank you. Because you contribute money to us, you are very
    honored. *http://www.popculturehero.org/support-us*


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