[tlhIngan Hol] Thoughts on {vaj}

DloraH seruq at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 27 06:23:28 PST 2016

> {pa' 'elDI' 'avwI', jISuvrupchoH}
> {pa' 'el 'avwI', ghIq jISuvrupchoH}
> {pa' 'el 'avwI', ngugh jISuvrupchoH}
> the only difference between the {vaj}/{mo'} method, and the last three is
> perhaps that the {vaj}/{mo'} are more direct, while the rest only
> imply/indirectly mean that the guard's entrance to the room was the reason
> of my "becoming ready to fight".

Along with Sustel's reply, I will add that -DI', ghIq, and ngugh
describe WHEN you get ready to fight, not WHY.
The timing could be coincidence, and not cause/effect.

Also with vaj/-mo' (at least to me), while some uses could be done with
either one, I still see a difference.

"I saw the signal (that warns that the enemy is coming), so I got ready
to fight."
You could use either vaj or -mo'.  I would use vaj.
I don't get ready to fight /because I saw the signal/.  I get ready to
fight /because the enemy is on the way and battle is about to begin./
But this part could be just me.

- DloraH

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