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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Wed Nov 16 11:55:33 PST 2016

On 11/16/2016 2:31 PM, David Holt wrote:
> jatlh SuStel:
> > Yes. Kirk doesn't /need/ to fight alone; he is /ordered/ to fight
> > alone. *nIteb Suv DevwI' net poQ/ra'/qap/raD/qaSmoH.*
> I don't see the difference.
> vIleghnIS. = vIlegh net raD
> «I need to see him/her.»

*/I need to see it
/I have a personal requirement to see it, the fulfillment of which will 
result in personal benefit. No outside agency has imposed on me the task 
of seeing it.

*vIlegh net raD
*/I am compelled to see it
/Some agency forces me to see it. Whether I derive any benefit from 
seeing it is completely irrelevant.

*vIlegh net poQ
*/I am required to see it
/Some agency demands that I see it; I may or may not do so. Whether I 
derive any benefit from seeing it is completely irrelevant.

And so on for all your examples. They are not equal. The English text 
chosen is irrelevant, because English /need, must,/ and /have to/ are 
often used interchangeably, even though they /do/ have distinct meanings.

If you see me dancing up and down, you might conclude that *puch 
vIlo'nIS*/I need to use the toilet./ Going to the bathroom will result 
in the benefit of not peeing in my pants, but no one is requiring me to 
go. If you're my boss and you tell me *puch yIlo' */use the toilet!/ I 
can now truthfully say *puch vIlo' net poQ*/I am required to use the 
bathroom,/ because you are the outside agency making the demand, and 
it's my job to do what you say, regardless of the state of or danger to 
my pants. I can also continue to say *puch vIlo'nIS,* because my own 
personal need has not disappeared, but it says nothing about your demand.

If you, my boss, were to tell me, *javmaH tat chu'wI' tIje'*/buy sixty 
ion triggers!/ but I find the buying of ion triggers a despicable act, I 
can truthfully say that *javmaH tat chu'wI' vIje' net poQ**'ach 
vIje'nISqu'be'*/I am required to buy sixty ion triggers//but I don't 
/need/to buy them. /I don't personally have any such need, but I do have 
to do it anyway.


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