[tlhIngan Hol] pIqaD in Unicode--again

Michael Roney, Jr. nahqun at gmail.com
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My only issue is that you have the script name listed as "Klingon" and not

I would have also mentioned the full page in Metro Ottowa

I brought up the topic of pIqaD and Unicode back in April on facebook
(because I could attach pictures).
The comments may be of interest to some.

Hopefully pIqaD will get approved and we can move forward.

Keep us posted!

On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 8:16 PM, Mark Shoulson <mark at kli.org> wrote:

> Thought I would let people here know, since I have sort of acted on my own
> on this.  I've submitted another paper to the Unicode Consortium asking to
> encode pIqaD finally: http://www.unicode.org/L2/L201
> 6/16329-piqad-returns.pdf  They always said it wasn't encoded because
> people weren't using it: I disprove that claim in the document.  The
> discussion on the mailing list there is starting to heat up again; this
> time they're saying that there are problems with Paramount's copyright and
> all, but that's also not relevant, and even if it is, they should decide
> whether or not to encode and *then* we'll worry about difficulties carrying
> that out.
> Anyway, just informing folks.  I've been talking to various UTC members,
> and the official UTC meeting is this week or next week or something, so it
> will be brought up then and they'll probably have at least some sort of
> response after that.  I'm not going to let them off the hook without at
> least some *sensible* answer and a path forward (and an explanation as to
> why the Tolkien alphabets, which apparently may also have copyright issues,
> are on the Roadmap, even if they aren't encoded, while pIqaD is not only
> not on the roadmap, but given as an example on the "Not on the Roadmap"
> page as something not worthy of being there.)  Just FYI.
> ~mark
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