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> > Some language textbooks call this sort of sentence an "unreal
> condition". We need Okrand/Maltz to reveal a one-syllable or two-syllable
> particle which means "this is not true, but assume for the moment that it
> is true" or similar, that could be put in if-clauses and when-ckauses and
> suchlike, and/or into a clause that governs such a clause.
> {net jalchugh} Dapar'a'?
> --
> De'vID
vIparHa'qu', De'vID. lI'. chaq mu'meyvam lo' tlhIngan, tuch qeltaHvIS. 'a
pa'logh qeltaHvIS, qaSbe'bogh wanI' qelbe'. qellaHbe'law'. ('a ta' Dun

This opening scene from DS9 "Soldiers of the Empire" demonstrates how
Klingons differ from humans with regard to imagining how things could have
happened differently.

[Infirmary] (Martok has a shoulder wound.)
BASHIR: Another three centimetres to the right and you would've severed the
brachial artery. Autosuture, please. And if that had happened, you would
have bled to death right there in the holosuite.
MARTOK: The human fascination with what might have been is tiresome,
doctor. The artery was not severed and I am not dead.

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