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The Facebook-Translation team will be happy with this:

---begin quote---
There are two words for "share."

When A shares something (C) with B, the verb to use is {bon} ("share 
with") and the construction is B-vaD C {bon} A (with appropriate verb 
prefixes depending on what A and C are). In this case, C belongs to or 
is controlled by A and A chooses to share it with B.

When A and B share something with each other (share some {gagh}, say), 
the verb to use is {lIn} ("share") and the construction is
{C lulIn A B je} (or {C lIn A B je} if C is plural, and, again, with 
appropriate verb prefixes). In this case, the speaker is noncommittal 
about whether A or B is the one who decided to do the sharing with the 

There is an idiomatic expression:
{lInchuq} "share each other."

This is not a euphemism, but Maltz admitted it's a little risqué. 
{lInchuq} ("they share each other") means that they (whoever is being 
talked about) have a physical relationship of some sort. The phrase is 
general — it doesn't imply anything about exactly what they do 
physically. It also doesn't necessarily mean that they are doing 
something right now (at the time of speaking).

The relationship could be relatively light (a little nibbling) or 
heavier (really biting) or beyond (Maltz thought that Terrans might find 
that part a bit risqué).
As with other verbs with {-chuq}, the prefix has to indicate a plural 
subject and no object:


---end quote---

By the way, Okrand was suprised when I pointed at him that {bon} is 
{nob} ("give") backwards. It was definitely not intentional.

(but I think it's agood way to memorize.)

[note: Klingon words were written in bold face. I've added brackets for 
format-free emails]

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