[tlhIngan Hol] Anyone wan to help design a Klingon ruler?

Benjamin Atkinson benjamin.atkinson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:47:19 PDT 2016

My kids and I are trying to design a Klingon ruler. We could use some help.

I cannot promise you riches or battle glory, but if we pull this off, I'll
send you a Klingon ruler of your very own.

Here are our questions and a link to a form if you want to join the team:

   1. From here
   we find the Klingon unit of length 'uj' is 34.83cm (derived from BoP
   poster). Can anyone confirm this?
   2. We understand the Klingon number system was originally ternary, but
   was decimalized to facilitate communication with other civilizations. Might
   we report units of 'uj' as 0.1 uj, 0.2 uj, etc?
   3. Should a Klingon ruler double as a weapon?

Apply to the team via this link.

Thank you.

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