[tlhIngan Hol] Can I use verb type 9 suffix {-wI'}, after other suffixes ?

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Mon Jun 27 14:22:44 PDT 2016

jatlh SuStel:

I would hesitate to include any type 1, 6, or 8 suffixes on a *-wI'* verb.
1, because I'm not sure about how the reflexive nature of the word
interacts with *-wI'* (but I'd probably accept something like *HIvchuqwI'**
those who attack each other*). 6, because there are analogous noun suffixes
to do the same thing, except *-chu',* which seems more important to a
noun's fundamental meaning. 8, because *-neS* would be more appropriate on
the main verb of the sentence, not tucked away inside a noun.
I'd think Type 1 would generally work, but only for actions that can be
reflexive. And {HIvchuqwI'} would make sense to me used as a singular noun,
knowing that it's a word like {'er'In}: even if {megh'an} isn't mentioned,
I know there must be one. {yayta' wa' HIvchuqwI' neH} makes sense, doesn't
it? Of course {-chu'} works with {-wI'}, or else ghunchu'wI' would vanish
in a puff of grammar, and I expect everyone would accept {HubneSwI'} and
{HIvneSwI'} as about the only exceptions to your caveat about Type 8.

But for other suffixes plus {-wI'}, I'd expect the the likeliest cause of
raised eyebrows would be {-lu'}. There isn't a consensus on this, though
one of my fondest wishes is for Maltz to confirm my opinion on the matter.
mIp'av yergho
IKAV chuch 'etlh

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