[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon in Buffy

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Thu Jun 30 02:41:32 PDT 2016

Warning: adult subject matter ahead. puqpu', DalaD 'e' yImev!

On 30 June 2016 at 02:23, Jeremy Silver <j.silver at mupwi.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I did watch Buffy, but I blinked and missed this scene. I likely got reminded
> of this image/episode recently in a similar way as you.
> I think some of those words/letters were mis-identified. It looks to me like
> somebody was actually capable of finding proper words in the dictionary, some
> of which might be used in a composition of this type, and transliterating them
> correctly too. A level of attention to detail that astounds me.
> So I will list my interpretation below of what I've managed to work out.
> Hope most people on the list can read utf8 unicode and have the right font
> working on their email system (should work with the code2000 font character
> locations), and this doesn't break things:
> 
> yI'el!
> Enter!
> 
> HIghoS!
> Come here!

Perfectly good Klingon.

> --?
> yIQ  --vaD?
> be wet -- be flexible?

So, I'm not an expert in Klingon love poetry, but I assume this is
some kind of sexual innuendo.

> 
> tagha'
> finally/at last
> '    
> QI'tu'     QI'lop
> paradise   celebration/holiday
> '
> QI'tu'
> paradise

Again, perfectly reasonable words to find in a love poem.

>    
> pIq  naQ   ngech
> time-period-from-now stick cleavage

I'm assuming that {naQ} and {ngech} refer respectively to male and
female body parts. Presumably, some time in the future, these parts
will meet.

> --?
> natlh--ng?
> drain/deplete--?

The second word is cut off but most certainly starts with {nga'},
which suggests it's {nga'chuq}.

>  ?-
> netlh quv?-
> ten thousand honour
> 
> secret

An astounding level of attention to detail, indeed!


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