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Tue Jun 28 07:48:13 PDT 2016

> Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, June 28, 2016
> Klingon word: pIvghor
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: warp drive

chaq tampu'. chaq romuluSnganpu'vaD pIvghor cham lunobpu'
possibly in exchange for Warp Drive technology. S33

pIvghor yIchu' 'ej pentatlh wej yIjaH 
Warp to Pentath III. MKE

pIvghor yIchu' 'ej qo'rIDan yIjaH 
Warp to Coridan. MKE

pIvghor yIchu' 'ej Duj Sumqu' yIjaH 
Warp to the nearest vessel. MKE

pIvghor yIchu' 'ej HoSHal Sumqu' yIjaH 
Advance to the nearest energy source. MKE

(STE 213):  Nacelle: "In starship design, a large outboard structure that houses a warp drive engine. Nacelles generally incorporate powerful subspace field generation coils and sometimes have Bussard collectors to gather interstellar hydrogen. Most Federation starship designs feature two warp engine nacelles mounted parallel to the axis of flight." 

Klingons may call their nacelles {pIvchem lIngwI' DaHmey} "warp field generation arrays" or {pIvghor lIngwI'} "warp generator":

  pIvchem lIngwI' DaHmey: cha' 
  Warp Field Generation Arrays - 2 (KPoB) 

  pIvchem SeHwI': cha' 
  Warp Field Controller - 2 (KPoB)

(STE [page?]):  Deuterium was also used as one of the reactants in the matter/antimatter reaction system in those ships' warp drive. The deuterium was the matter, and anti-hydrogen served as the antimatter. (TNG 'Relics')
(TKW 190):  The prisoners on Rura Penthe ... mine dilithium, required for warp propulsion systems.

(KGT 204):  either {cha'pujqutmey} or dilithium crystals will work in a warp drive system

pIvghor lIngwI'  	warp generator
pIvghor lIngwI' DaH  	warp generation array
pIvghor pat  		warp drive system 

pIvlob  			warp factor 
pIvchem  			warp field 
pIvchem lIngwI' DaH  	warp field generation array
pIvchem SeHwI'  		warp field controller

Hongghor 			impulse drive
HanDogh 			nacelle

Hap  				matter (substance)
rugh 				antimatter
bIQSIp 'ugh  		deuterium isotope 
cha'puj  			dilithium 
cha'pujqut  		dilithium crystal 
cha'puj pa'  		dilithium chamber 

tlhIngan ghantoH pIn'a'
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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