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mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 07:50:51 PDT 2016

> I think your memory is selective.
> I don't see anyone "surrendering" to him

ratlh vIt, nap, 'ej wa' neH 'oH : mu'meyDaj vIjatlhchugh vaj poSchoH
ghe''or lojmItmey.
the truth remains, it is simple and it is only one : if I had spoken
his words, hell would have broken loose.

'ach muDoychoHmoHmo' ghoHtaHghachvam, QIn ghomvam vItaH vIneHbe'.
however, because this constant arguing tires me, I don't want to
continue this thread.

tetlh Hoch nuvvaD, vuDchaj lughaj Hoch nuvpu'.
everyone has his opinion about the rest of the members of this list.

vuDraj boghaj 'j vuDwIj vIghaj je.
you have yours and I have mine

'ej Hoch nughmeyDaq, parHa'chuqbe' 'op nuvpu'.
at all societies, not all people like each other.

'a chut pab chaHvaD net pIH.
but one expects that they follow the rules.

nap tetlhvam chut : tlhIngan Hol --> vay' DIvI' Hol ---> tlhIngan Hol
the law of this list is simple : in klingon about anything, in english
about klingon

'ej chaq bIjatlhmo' : nuv vImaw.
and because perhaps you will say, that I offend people..

jIjatlhqa' : {'op be'} mu'mey vIlota' ; {Hoch be'pu'} vIjatlhbe'
I will say again : I used the word {'op}, not {Hoch}

DaH, quv'a' Hoch be'pu' ? quv'a' Hoch loDpu' ?
Now, are all women honorable ?  are all men honorable ?

ghobe' 'oH ghelmeH mu'tlhegh'e'.
the answer is no.

'a po'wI'vaD wa' ngoDvam vIpIHbej : pIm {'op} {Hoch -pu'} 'e' lutlhojlaH.
but from experts I expect, that they are able to realize the
difference between {'op} and {Hoch -pu'}.

not yInbogh nuv vImawta'. chIch, not, tetlhvam nuv vImawta'.
I never offended a real person, and intentionally I have never
offended anyone on this list.

'a jIHvaD tIchmeH tIgh lulo'choHta' tetlhvam 'op nuv, nuq DapIH ?
jIHub'eghbe''a' ?
but when others on this list start to offend me, what do you expect ?
won't I defend myself ?

'ej tagha'..
and finally..

QIn ghomvamDaq jatlhta' vay' : pIghojmoHta'DI', tlhIngan Hol nughvaD bIghaqQo'.
on this thread someone said : we taught you, and you don't want to
contribute to the klingon society..

wa'DIch : vay' QaHDI', ghaHvo' Doch DapIHbe'. - ghaHvo' Doch vIpIHbe'
jIH'e' -. not !
first : when you help someone, you don't expect things in return. - at
least I don't. never !

cha'DIch : tlhIngan Hol nughvaD toy'meH nav vIlajQo'.
second : I didn't sign a contract for the klingon society.

wejDIch : jIghaqta', jIghaqtaH 'ej qaStaHvIS poH nI' pIq jIghaqtaH.
third : I have contributed, I am contributing, and for a long time to
come I will continue to contribute.

chay' ?
how ?

vatlh law' tlhIngan-DIvI' Hol mu'tlhegh vIghItlhtaHmo' ; 'ej tlhIngan
Hol yajmeH laDlaH taghwI'.
by writting hundreds of klingon-english sentences, which any beginner
will be able to read.


klingonska vIghItlhDI', naDev lubop Qubta'ghachmeywIj.
as soon as I read klingonska, I will write here my conclusions.

'ach ghaqtaHghach vIwIv jIH neH.
but only I will decide, the way of my contribution.

'ej jIghaqmeH qep'a'meyDaq vIghoSnIS qoj tlhIngan yIvbeH SeQHa' vItuQ..
and in order to contribute I don't need to go to qep'a's or wear
klingon t-shirts..


As much as I enjoy the sight, of a single borg cube fighting many
klingon warbirds simultaneously, I will stop now.



On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 3:54 PM, De'vID <de.vid.jonpin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 16 June 2016 at 16:50, mayqel qunenoS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
>> naDev vIpawta'DI', 'oH ghelmeH mu'tlhegh wa'DIchwIj'e' : darthvaD mu'
>> tu'lu'a' ?
>> as soon as I arrived here, my first question was : is there a word for darth ?
>> 'a SIbI' - (QIn ngeHmeH Daq'e' ghajbogh ghaH neH) lo'taHvIS, jIHvaD
>> jatlhlu'ta':
>> but immediately, someone contacted me off list and said :
>> mu'mey chu'vaD yIghelbe' ! mu'mey chu'vaD bIgheltaHchugh, vaj pIlajQo'.
>> don't ask for new words ! if you continue asking you will be banned.
>> 'ej mawchu'meH mu'mey lo'ta'.
>> and the way he said this was quite rude.
> quv Hutlh HoHbogh tlhIngan 'ach qabDaj 'angbe'bogh.
> As qurgh says, no one other than him should be enforcing mailing list
> policy off-list, much less threatening to ban anyone.
>> reH, naDev pawta'DI' vay' 'ej mu'meyDaj qab law' mu'mey'wIj qab puS,
>> bep pagh ! pagh'e' !
>> always, whenever here some new guy arrived, whose requests were way
>> more absurd than mine, noone complained ! noone !
>> wa'logh jatlhta' vay' : vatlh law' mu' ghajDI' tlhIngan Hol, ngugh
>> vIghajqang ! qaSpa' ghu'vam vIghojQo !
>> someone once wrote : only when klingon possesses several thousands
>> words, I will be willing to learn it. not before !
>> 'ej ngugh chay' Suvang ? Subep'a' ? ghobe' ! ghaHvaD jeghta' Hochmey
>> po'wI'pu' !
>> and then what did you do ? did you complain ? of course not ! all
>> senior members surrendered.
> bIlughbe'law'. ghaHmo' beppu' je nuvpu'. vabDot ghaH tIch je latlh.
> wanI' DaqawHa'.
>> tlhIngan Hol ghojqangQo'bogh vay'vaD, Sujeghta'..
>> for someone who didn't want to learn klingon you surrendered..
> I don't see any evidence that he was treated any differently than you.
> Some of us who are inclined to be helpful to beginners no matter how
> silly their questions are tried to help. Some others who are inclined
> to be more insulting to people who make unreasonable demands insulted
> and mocked him. I think your memory is selective.
>> mu'meyDaj vIjatlhta'DI', qaSpu'pa' wa' lup neH, tuHIvbej.
>> if I had spoken his words, you would have attacked me in an instant.
> I replied to him with a question: {tlhIngan Hol Dalo'be'chugh, qatlh
> ghurbogh mu'tay' DaSaH?}
> ghunchu'wI' wrote: "you should demonstrate an ability to use the known
> vocabulary before suggesting that you need more words".
> lojmIt tI'wI' nuv 'utlh wrote a dismissive parable about a random
> passerby giving unsolicited advice.
> The thread is called "19 new words to create" for anyone interested in
> what else was said.
> I don't see anyone "surrendering" to him, nor do I imagine any of the
> respondents would have said anything differently to you if you had
> made the same request for new vocabulary. As a long-time member of
> this list, I can say that the reactions were fairly typical.
> QISta'
>> Actually, if you're thinking of the same "new guy" I'm thinking of, most of his
>> messages went to my spam folder, so that might have happened to some
>> others too, and then they wouldn't have seen his messages, to be able to
>> attack them.
> lugh QISta'. That person's original email triggered the usual spam
> traps, so it wasn't seen by everyone.
> --
> De'vID
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