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Thu Jun 16 07:50:50 PDT 2016

meq DamoghchoHmoHbogh vIlajchu' ; tlhIHvaD nuv qab jIHba'.
I understand your frustration ; you obviously believe I'm the bad guy.

'ach (potlhqu'bogh wa' ghelmeH mu'tlhegh napqu') Daqelbe'ba' : naDev,
'Iv mawbejta' 'Iv.
but obviously you're not considering one -so simple yet so important-
question: who actually offended who in this list.

ngoDmey potlh tu'lu', ngaDmey DaSovbe'bogh.
there are important facts, which you do not know.

toH, qawmeH tawDaq mayItjaj..
so, lets take a stroll down memory lane..

naDev vIpawta'DI', 'oH ghelmeH mu'tlhegh wa'DIchwIj'e' : darthvaD mu'
tu'lu'a' ?
as soon as I arrived here, my first question was : is there a word for darth ?

'a SIbI' - (QIn ngeHmeH Daq'e' ghajbogh ghaH neH) lo'taHvIS, jIHvaD
but immediately, someone contacted me off list and said :

mu'mey chu'vaD yIghelbe' ! mu'mey chu'vaD bIgheltaHchugh, vaj pIlajQo'.
don't ask for new words ! if you continue asking you will be banned.

'ej mawchu'meH mu'mey lo'ta'.
and the way he said this was quite rude.

religious terminologyDaq QIn ghom, tlhIngan ghojmeH mIwvaD maja'chuq ;
'ej (QIn ngeHmeH Daq'e' ghajbogh ghaH neH) lo'taHvIS, jIHvaD
at the religious terminology thread, we were discussing the klingon
learning process ; and again I was threatened off-list :

tlhIngan Hol Dalo'be'chugh, vaj pIlajQo'.
if you don't use klingon, then you will be banned.

'a -ngugh- chay' tlhIngan Hol vIlo'laH jay' ? taghwI' neH jIH.
but at that time, how could I be able to use klingon ? I was just a beginner.

DaH, qaStaHvIS jar veb, pabvaD jIgheltaHvIS - pab naDlu'Qo'bogh -,
jIHvaD mu'mey Doch lujatlhqa'lu'ta'.
during the next months, even while I was asking for grammar, but
grammar which someone didn't approve, then again rude words were said.

'ej jIjatlhta'DI' : mojaq chu' vIparHa' vaj poSchoHpu' ghe''or lojmIt !
and when I said : I would like a new suffix, once more the gates of
hell opened !

'ach peloS ! qaSbogh latlh wanI' law' tulu' je..
but wait ! there is more..

reH, naDev pawta'DI' vay' 'ej mu'meyDaj qab law' mu'mey'wIj qab puS,
bep pagh ! pagh'e' !
always, whenever here some new guy arrived, whose requests were way
more absurd than mine, noone complained ! noone !

wa'logh jatlhta' vay' : vatlh law' mu' ghajDI' tlhIngan Hol, ngugh
vIghajqang ! qaSpa' ghu'vam vIghojQo !
someone once wrote : only when klingon possesses several thousands
words, I will be willing to learn it. not before !

'ej ngugh chay' Suvang ? Subep'a' ? ghobe' ! ghaHvaD jeghta' Hochmey
po'wI'pu' !
and then what did you do ? did you complain ? of course not ! all
senior members surrendered.

tlhIngan Hol ghojqangQo'bogh vay'vaD, Sujeghta'..
for someone who didn't want to learn klingon you surrendered..

mu'meyDaj vIjatlhta'DI', qaSpu'pa' wa' lup neH, tuHIvbej.
if I had spoken his words, you would have attacked me in an instant.


'Iv jImawpu' ? pIqarD, wo'rIv ? yInbogh nuv chaH'a' ?
who did I offend ? picard ? worf ? are they real persons ?

nuv lujallu'ta'bogh chaH jay' ! toH, nuq 'oH qay'wI''e' jay' ?
they are FICTIONAL characters ! so what's the problem ?

mu' {'op}'e' lo'ta' 'op be'pu' QIn. mu' {Hoch} lo'be'ta'.
the 'op be'pu' message used the word {'op}, not the word {Hoch}.

'ej ghojmeH nabwIj vIchenmoHta'mo', meqvammo' DaH tupIch ?
and because I created a plan in order to learn, because of that reason
you blame me ?

SIbI'Ha' mejta'ghachwIj bopmo' nabwIj, tupIch ?
because my plan eventually concerns my leaving, you blame me ?

'ach, DaH qaStaH DungluQ, 'ej qa'vInwIj vItlhutlhnISbej.
but now its noon, and I really need to drink my coffee.

DaHjaj qeqmeH mIwvaD -jIHvaD mIw boqaSchoHmoHbogh-, qatlho'..
for today's training -which you provided for me-, I thank you..

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