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I've never been to qep'a', so I can't really help with that; but I would  
interpret "bImoD, bIwoD", (on one of the t-shirts) as more like "haste makes  
waste"; don't know if Ben Franklin said that or not; it might have been  
included just because it rhymes so well in Klingon. *shrug*


Verbing AWESOMES language!

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I am working on the history page of past qep'a'mey, and I am still 
missing a lot of information. Only YOU who have attended these qep'a' 
can help me with that.

There are two things that are complete obscure to me:
   1. where and when was the meeting happening
   2. Please send photos of the T-Shirts.

To check what you can help me with, just have a look at the following pages:



Thanks for any kind of help; let's keep the history klingon safe for the 


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