[tlhIngan-Hol] Why not michaelsburg ?

Alan Anderson qunchuy at alcaco.net
Thu Jun 2 10:15:40 PDT 2016

On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 12:26 PM, mayqel qunenoS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
>> qatlh pongvetlh bowIv? 'ej qaghelqa': 'Iv tlhIH?
> choyajHa'law'.. reH choyajHa'law'.

chojangQo'chugh, not qayajlaH.

>>> qaStaHvIS DIS law' maSIvtaH..

SuSIvtaH 'e' Damaq, qar'a'? 'ach SIvwI'pu' Dangu'be'. 'Iv tlhIH'e'?

> 'ej choyajHa'mo', mujchu' mu'lIj. 'a qay'be'..

qayajHa'be'. qayajbe'qu' neH.

> qayajmo' choberghchoHmoHlaHbe' ;

choyajchugh, qatlh De' vItlhobbogh DanobQo'?

> DaH..
> jInguqmo', michaelsburg vIwIv 'e' bIHarlaw'..

Qo'! SuwIvmeH meq vISovbe'mo' qaghel. 'ej wej vISovmo' qaghelqa':
qatlh pongvetlh bowIv?

> 'o bImujchu' !

chay' jImujlaH? pagh vISov!

> ghunchu'wI', QIch le' ghaj 'elaDya' mu' michaelsburg.
> meqvetlhmo' neH, michaelsburg vIwuv.
> 'IQ..

"The Greek word Michaelsburg has a special sound. Only for that reason
do I respect Michaelsburg."
Is there a cross-linguistic pun that I am not seeing?

> reH, reH, reH latlhpu' DanoHrup 'ej ghIq DanoHHa'.

nuq vInoHtaH jay'? jIgheltaH neH. De' vItlhob. qaqaDbe'bej.

> 'a jIjatlhqa' : qay'be'.
> tlhIngan HolvaD choqeqmoHmo', jIHvaD bIQaQ.

bIqeqlaHmo' jIbel. 'a bIjangQo'mo' jImogh.

Maybe I'm just not understanding what you meant, or maybe you are not
understanding my response, or perhaps it's some of both. Let me
translate for you how I read your original message, and how I
responded to it:

>> For many years we are wondering.
> Who are y'all?
> [I choose the southernism "y'all" here to make clear that I intend the plural "you".
> If I had been writing in English to begin with, I would have asked: Who are "we"?]
>> There's a Johannesburg; we all know that.
>> There's a St. Petersburg; we all know that too.
>> Why isn't there a Michaelsburg?
> You are wrong when you ask that. There absolutely is that great building in St. Petersburg.
>> If we have accomplished making a region, then we will certainly have used the name for its capitol."
> [I think you might be trying to express a subjunctive idea, but Klingon grammar doesn't make that clear.]
> Why do y'all choose that name? And I ask you again: who are y'all?

I now add a third question: Why won't you answer my questions?

-- ghunchu'wI'

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